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Penne Marco Polo

5 LB Valdigrano Penne pasta, cooked al dente, drained
50 16/20Gold Coast “Perfection” P&D Shrimp
2.5 C Broccoli florets, blanched
2.5 C Shiitake mushrooms, sliced
2.5 C Heavy Cream
TT Salt & pepper
2.5 tsp. White wine
10 T Bocelli Canola and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend
10 ozs. San Marco Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese
1 T Parsley, chopped
Heat oil in pan over medium high heat.
Add shrimp and sauté for 2 minutes.
Add garlic and continue to cook - do not burn garlic.
Add mushrooms and sauté until soft.
Add wine, reduce by half.
Add broccoli and cook for 2 minutes.
Add heavy cream, reduce, season with salt and pepper.
Add pasta and toss.
Top with Parmesan and chopped parsley,
YIELD: 10 portions