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Medallions of Beef Tenderloin Madagascar

2 each Tenderloin Medallions, cut 4 ozs. each
3 T Oil
2 T Green Peppercorns
¼ C Brandy
3-4 ozs. Veal Glaze
1-2 ozs. Heavy Cream
TT Salt & Pepper
1. Season the steaks with the salt & pepper.
2. Heat the oil in a sauté pan and add the steaks.
3. Pan fry the steaks until the desired doneness is achieved.
4. Remove to a serving dish and discard excess oil from sauté pan.
5. Add the peppercorns to the pan; follow quickly with the brandy and flambé.
6. Add the veal glaze and the cream - adjust seasonings and pour over medallions to serve.