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Classic Yankee Pot Roast

11 LB US Choice Flat Bottom Round
1/2 LB Onions, diced
¼ LB Carrots, diced
¼ LB Celery, diced
1.5 C Red wine
6 ozs. California Red Tomato Puree
5 ozs. Flour
As needed Vegetable oil
TT Salt & Pepper
1 each Sachet bag containing: bay leaf, thyme, peppercorns, garlic & parsley
3 Qts. Beef stock made with Haserot Gold Label Roasted Beef Base
Season beef with salt and pepper, sear in oil and remove.
Add mirepoix vegetables and sauté to brown.
Add flour and cook 3-4 minutes without burning, then add tomato puree and cook until dry.
Return beef.
Add wine, stock, and sachet, bring to boil, reduce to simmer.
Cover and braise until fork tender.
To serve, allow beef to rest and set up, slice and surround with steamed root vegetables.
Strain and adjust seasoning and consistency of braising liquid to sauce nappe.